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Pre-judging 10 a.m   Finals 5:00 p.m

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Pre judging $15

Vip pre judging $20

Finals $ 20

Vip Finals $25

Combo $30

Vip combo $35

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Registration fee, and drug test $100 with sanction card $175

Registration fee, drug test and crossover $140 with sanction card $215

Additional crossover $40

Bernard Cunningham and the NGA S&D DOWNSOUTH CHAMPIONSHIP have arranged for every Athlete that will compete in this show, to get a Limited Sponsorship with the Egg Whites International Egg Team.

After you pay for the Registration go to ENTRY FORM and fill it out and email it to

if you have an questions about the registration or the show give me a call at (706)526-1357

You can pay for the Sanction card with registration or go to ABOUT NGA for Athletes Membership sanction card $80

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About Me

I started weight training 30 years ago because i got tired of being the skinny kid that use to get pick on, i  weighed only about a 130lbs, Me and my twin brother was always athletic but never really got a chance to played school sports, so we beacme dacncers afte being discoverd by a group and became good enought to go on tour, but we never made it as famous dancers, so to stay out of trouble i got into weights. I watched my dad workout at home after getting shot soon after winning an overall show, he pulled hisself back together gainen his mass back plus more, It was very much one of my  ideal looks, that was a big motivation to me and gave me more hope that anything was possible. I workout and staying motivated off arnold and lee haney magazines. Years later after my twin brother got shot, i had to build a stronger mindset to mentality train without my workork partner. My passin was so deep for the sport so i had to keep grinding if i was going to continue a life like we talk about. Later i joined a gym after meeting another bodybuilder at work to soon find a new set friends. I talked my dad into competing after finding out the gym was promoting a local competition and wanted to put us in the newspaper the rest was history. My mind was very much set to focus, grind and conqure and continue to meet my goals. I diet harder and trained harder, i won 1st place in my weight class, i was very exited especially when i was a novice. Competing soon became more motivation to keep training to get better to become a pro. I travelled winning countless shows with over 24 over in my 13 years in competing, including one 1st place power lifting Medal, 2 Overall awards and 2 best posers awards with one of my overall winning me my pro card as a NGA natural bodybuilder. Soon after i became a NGA fitness promoter, During this time i got a lot of exposure of having a fantastic phqsic and training other to win shows or place in the high top, i also judge shows and trained in posing. I love helping people and sharing my Knowledge, whether it's in the or online. I want to inspire and motivate people of all ages, to share importance needed of consistency needed. I'm extremely humbled to have the support from friends and fans, and as both bodybuilder and fitness coach, to now be in position to help people to get in the best shape of there life. Don't forget the mind has no limatation, Focus  Grind, Conqure!


Competition location

2872 Hehzibah Auditorium Tabacco GA. 30815                                                                         



Phone# 706-526-1357








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Hotel reservations

Days Inn & suites

108 Alice Cir Swainsboro, GA 30401 (478) 237-9099

Let them know you are part of the S&D Fitness Competition to get 10% off

Drug Test

Drug Test will be held           at CPR Fitness 

203 S Circle Dr, Swainboro GA 30401


A few show pics from 2015

2016 NGA Pro Qualifier            show pics