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Lawanda Cunningham

She's Thick and Fit wit It!!!

If you wanna learn how to shed some pounds and still remain a Thick and Fit Chick join me in my Transformation Challenges. I have been on my fitness journey over 29+ years. I"m the wife of a pro bodybuilder Bernard Cunningham, who i worked with at S&D Fitness for many years, assisting and training clients. I strongly believe women can achieve their goals through hard work and consistency. Social media has given our younger generation the elusion that natural bodies don"t exist with all this plastic surgery. I"m here to tell you that who needs plastic when you can put in work and get the Natural body you want without worrying about any health issues. 

My on-line Group will help you understand your body and teach you healthy tips that will help you get the body you"re looking for without having to spend outragious prices to get the body you desire. My group will also help you with your nutritional needs thats very important for achieving your weight loss goals or the desired look you want to achieve. Learn all  the health tricks to shock the body and get Quick and Fast Results!!!! My Group will also consist of a lot of Yoga and body stretching and dancing so I encourage all women who like to dance this group is definitely where you wanna be. I understand everybody isn't easy motivated with just exercise so I've created different dancing moves to target the areas of the body that helps design the Natural body you're looking for. Everyday we will discuss our nutritional needs and post what we ate on that day. This group will consist of intermediate fasting and also keeping up with daily calorie intake. Ladies if you're planning on Maintaining then GET IN THIS GROUP TODAY!!!!

TO GET SIGNED UP TODAY ALL YOU NEED TO DO IS FILL OUT THE FORM AND CASHAPP $LawandaCunningham $20 and you will be added in S&D Thick and Fit Chick Group promoted by Lawanda Cunningham. Every month to remain in this group funds must be met by the 10th of every month if no payment or payment arrangement made you will be removed from the group. When you get signed up in the group i will give you a list of some items that you will need to help you accomplish your goals that will be inexpensive. In this group you don't have to be in a gym all my workouts will consist in home . I ask for you to maintain or keep a journal to keep up with your fitness journey. I ask everyone to remain active in the group everyday. 


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