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The key things you need as a Natural Bodybuilder

"Must eat the right amount of carbs or supplements to get the right pump"


Is hard to get motivated but one thing that always made me feel good about working out was the pump, of course bodybuilding fans have heard this from the great Arnold Schwarzenegger from the movie pumping iron, but you will not get a good enough pump unless you eat enough carbs before you workout,it is best to eat an hour before. You should have ate at least 50 grams of carbs with your meal before you workout, this is call a pre workout meal. This will fuel you up for strength and energy before your workout. You should eat an hour before you workout. You can also take a pre workout that has nitric oxide that will help you with energy and push blood into the muscles for a more muscle pump, this will not replace a pre workout meal when it comes to nutrition. I will drink a cup of coffee sometimes if I don't have any pre workout, it won't do the same as a pre workout but the caffeine in the coffee will give me a good start before I hit the iron. To help with more motivation I listen to motivational speakers like Ct Fletcher, I listen to rap music also music like Kevin Levrone as he is one of the best IFBB Pro Bodybuildert of all time, this helps me get amp up before and during my workouts, I also watch videos on my phone in between my workouts to help stay motivated and amp up. You must find what ever you can do to stay motivated and consistent, like music, motivation speakers, videos or magazines, most importantly to me is a workout partner if you can find a good. Some other important qualities for another topic is passion and discipline.

:Ideal pre workout Meal

Chicken breast, rice and steamed vegetables

Seeing the process

"love when I see the process and when everything is coming together "

Seeing the process is another thing that keeps me going. You may ask yourself why I am not seeing the process or why the process stop. You have to do everything almost as perfectly as possible to get the best results. If you're not working out with the correct form it will be hard to get the result you are looking for and you will plateau out quickly, you will not see all the results that you can achieve. Without the correct form you will not see the shape or results as fast as you could. To see the best results you must be sure that your form are done correctly in each rep. Be sure not to eago lift as it will be hard to build the body of your dreams also you can get hurt. You can gain muscle mass by ego lifting but is not safe, there are safer ways to gain muscle mass than ego lifting. You will also need to switch your workouts with the right workouts at the right time to confuse the muscles and to build a more rounder better shape. This is called muscle confusion, is very well needed during your training to speed up process and advance your results.


"Hard to argue about supplements when

results come as quick as you want "

Some people argue that it can be done without supplements, this is true because your food also have supplements in them. I have tried both ways supplements and without supplements and to me it takes longer to see the muscle gains without the supplements, the reason why you have to eat more food to get the mass as a bodybuilder. If you're not able to eat you can replace a meal with a protein shake to give your body enough protein by the day. Without enough protein it will be hard to put on hard dense muscle mass. Hard dense muscle are large muscles with low percentage of body fat that allow your body to see fine detail of small muscle fibers on top of large muscles. I would rather eat more to get more of the natural nutrition but sometimes it can get hard to eat 5 meals a day as a bodybuilder, that's were the protein shakes kick in. That will allow me to add as much muscle as possible without missing a meal, being able to replace a protein shake with a meal when necessary. You still have to be careful with to much protein, to much protein can bother your kidneys so I prefer a little more protein than my body weight as it will be enough so you don't have to over do it. Is also important not to miss a meal if you are looking to get the best results possible. Is very important to drink plenty of water to see more muscle, plenty of water also must be drunk while taking all supplements especially while taking creatine. So what is creatine and what is meant for?creatine is something your body naturally make, is also in rich protein foods but you can can get more by using a powder. Is different kinds of creatine out but the one I prefer that the name isfound on the back label is monohydrate creatine. I have tried different ones and my best results came from monohydrate creatine. Most creatine are sandy like, my favorite is FNX Rebuild creatine, you can find this on my website for a very smooth none sandy creatine. You can mix this in your drinks with no sandy residue on the bottom. Without water your body does no good taking creatine as creatine pushes water into the muscle, is also harmful to the liver without water so be sure to drink plenty of water. Can't talk about supplements without (BCAA) Branch Chain Amino Acids, this is a supplement that have many aminos. Your foods have aminos as well, bcaa is not a meal replace it aide in repairing and recovery for faster results. If you need your body to recover quickly this is were (BCAA) comes in. you can drink during or after your workout, this will help your body recover during and after a workout. Is very important to eat a meal after your workout, this is call a post workout meal. This meal is definitely important for recovery and help speed up results. You can also drink a protein shake or a protein smoothie if you can't get a meal in. A meal should be eaten within 30 minutes after the workout. Pre workout is another supplement that I take that I have discussed in the topic Finding Motivation above.

:Post workout meal

Ground turkey mix with green peppers, onions and broccoli, sweat potatoe

My top supplements

:Protein shake

:Pre workout




Have you ever heard the saying train smart not hard, well this is very well true. How I know? I have been doing this since 1992. When I was just throwing up weight, wasn't following a workout routine/resumen I plateau out after a year of working out. I tried hard to gain more mass and could not gain any, I look the same for a while. I met some bodybuilders that had more knowledge then what I already learned and started reading more about weight training. When learn to stop swinging the weights and dieting, started putting more focus in my form instead of my ego, learned how to follow a routine resume from a friend. I started gaining more muscle mass and more shape, I fanilly started seeing to see the results I was looking for. I even got much stronger, as to the point that ended up benching 315 lbs for 12 reps and 465 lbs for 4 reps with no spotters. Squatting 455 1bs on my 4th set for 10 and 500 lbs for 2 reps. When I'm trying to gain more mass my rep range is 12-4. You will loose detail in the muscle and detail will be extremely hard to get unless you're on a diet and pursue cardio. My normal workout rep range is 15-8 reps, I can continue to put on mass at this rep range. I can see a much better build, stay lean easier with a healthy meal plan, I can control the weight better without cheating my form and I don't have to worry about getting hurt.

:Mass routine

:Reps 10-8-6-4 or 12-10-8-6

:Shredded routine

:Repa 15-15-15-12 or 15-12-10-8

Clean Eating

"It will be very difficult to shrink your stomach better yet get defined abs without a diet"

A diet is the most important thing when it comes to losing weight and a small waistline, even if you're doing lots of cardio it will still be difficult to get the pounds off without a diet, you can't win a weight lost contest with a bad diet, there is no way around it. Cardio is not necessary while dieting to drop pounds but it will take longer without it. You must cut out close to all sugar, the sugar in the fruit is ok but you will still have to watch curtain fruits. Fried food is out the question, it can be used to help put on weight but if you're trying to lose weight, get a tight waistline, lose your stomach or get abs of steel, fried food will not definitely help. Another thing just as bad as Fried Food is to many carbs. To many carbs turn to sugar which helps build fat. Your carbs have to be at a moderate or you will gain fat. Seasoning your food at a moderate is ok. With high blood pressure seasons have to be low. You still have to be careful how you season your food but you will diet longer if you add some season to your food. I like using more powders to limit the seasons. Powders are also great for making food taste good. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It will jump start your day to eat properly. A meal prep is a must or you may not get all the right meals in for the day, Meal prep can be done twice a week prepared for 6-7 days.


"Cardio is a must to achieve fast leanest , combine with a diet and ab workouts "

You can lose weight on a good diet and not worry about doing cardio but how fast you want the weight off ? how fast you want to see your midsection ? Well cardio is the way to go with a diet of course, but why must I diet if I'm doing cardio? You will only counter the bad food that you may still be eating, the past calories will be hard to get off without a diet making your cardio harder. Make sure you are on a diet when doing cardio if you're serious about getting fit and getting the fat off. Cardio is also good for cardiovascular, you want last long without it. It don't matter how bad you used to be or think you are, you want last long without good wind. Any type of cardio can be done to lose weight. A lot of us don't like cardio, yes including me so I train in boxing when I can, most times I jump rope and inside cycling. Is best to find something you love even if is aerobic, basketball, tennis or treadmill. Find what's best for you so you can last long in the fitness life style. The cardio don't have to be extreme. It can be done 20-45 minutes a day for 3 to 5 days a week. If your trying to get in top physical shape then yes you may have to go extreme.

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Your not into the sport of bodybuilding if you don't know about peek week. Peek week is the last week before show time, the day to see if your a winner. If is done wrong you could have mess up months of preparing in one week or less, you can get bloated, hold water or be flat and not full enough. Is a tricky game win it comes down to the last week of the diet, the last week of of training will also make a difference. Most times you have to stop doing cardio on the last week of the show. you possibly can go to flat and loose needed muscle if you continue to do cardio. To feel out you will have to start putting more carbs in then protein but less water for some people, this is called carb loading. In mo st cases you don't want to change your water and sodium intake but you may need to carb load to get full and push them muscles out to is max, of course with the right amount of carbs, you don't won't to overload this will cause you to get bloated.

:Carbs that are best to carb with.

oats, quinoa, sweet potatoes, and other starchy vegetables.

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